Dream Logs

Editor's Note: Yes, this 3d text is hella awful to read. But it's dreeeammy so you're all inside my headspace. Also you get to experience what my chronic daily headaches are like.
I write these in my phone the minute I wake up, and include them here almost entirely unedited, except to remove people's names.

20161212 : Thrift Store Yamaha JX35

After two nights of brief, shallow sleep, I closed my eyes for a nap.

Some sort of coastal port, like an alternate San Diego. There's a large, what feels very sparse, commercial area, like a big empty outdoor mall. But you turn a corner and you're suddenly in the industrial portion for loading ships.

Visited a thrift store, almost bought a tiny Casiotone-style keyboard that had two cassette decks built into it. Maybe for recording, overdubbing, or playing along? Checked the price on a white price sticker and saw that it read '1189', which I assumed was $118.90, so I passed on it. Ah man, what if it was only $11.89? I was thrilled, surprised, dismayed when I saw that Jon Brion had found and was purchasing a keyboard as well. It was a Yamaha JX35 (doesn't actually exist, but it was very reminiscent of the smaller DX series). I was so envious because it's a programmable digital FM synth, and it seemed like he got a good deal.

So I was with a group of people. They're somewhat anonymous to my waking memory, though there was one that I had a love for and a kinship with.

The dream took a strange turn when we discovered these sort of husks of humans all around the commercial area, bleeding into the industrial portion. They were perfectly still, large clusters of them, with their faces contorted into gruesome expressions, their skin a dark grey. It seemed that they congregated at certain times of day, and we were not to disturb them.

But we put together some kind of plan to gather and distribute our strength in such a way that we could get rid of them. Don't remember exactly what or how this happened, but we seemed to be successful. Kinda weird. I mean, creepy human shells, but also: what'd they ever do to us..? :/

Also, at some point we were casually walking a hiking path that led from the U.S. into Mexico. We were concerned we didn't have our passports.

20161008 : Teenage (Foot) Dream

In an alternate old town Temecula. First I'm there for my dumb cousin's birthday. There is a small carnival with rides where the fountain is. Waiting in line in a large space, like the rafters of the theatre.

Next, I meet [redacted01]. I borrowed [redacted02]'s purple car. We are leaving together and that awful recurring dream happens where the car's brakes don't slow it down fully, like your ship in No Man's Sky. I re-park, afraid of the brakes and suddenly there are two teenage kids behind the car. They open the trunk and place something in there. [redacted01] confronts them, and they've placed a foot in the trunk. He asks if it's fake and they say yes, and somehow they scurry away without us being able to do anything further. It's freaking me out so I check with my phone flashlight and it definitely seems like a real human foot. The blood is starting to pool. We don't wanna toss it out of fear that it will be found with our fingerprints, even though we haven't really touched it, but we are also afraid to go to the police. Awful dream logic for a while here.

The dream shifts and we decide to use the foot as energy for a hydro electric station by the creek. Yep.

20160912 : High School Pool

Staying in a hotel in my high school grounds with [redacted] from elementary school. The heavy gate fell into my rental car and gave it heavy damage. I was overheated and needed to swim in the track and field swimming pool, but it was 1pm and we were late checking out. I asked if [redacted] could drive slowly around the block while I swam.

20160911 : Kangaroo

I was pregnant with kangaroos, implanted into my foot, in a public space lying on a table as people came in and out.

20160902 : Oyssey of the MInd

Long and detailed and stressful dream about being in Odyssey of the mind again.

Continuous stream of events. Traveling with my family to a school far away. Arriving at campus parking lot, we pass through an open gate and it has the gate company's name on a little plaque and it says something about a paradox.

Our staging area is like Tower Plaza on campus, but we all share a giant empty room and it's also our 'hotel' with sleeping bags all over the floor. There are two bullet holes in two of the large tinted windows??

I spend a lot of time with Gordon Crisp [this is a character from the TV show Freaks and Geeks lol] since he's my acting partner/the character I interact with in our skit.

At one point we're all in a library and I'm rearranging books in a really awful way and gathering a ton for research.

About thirty minutes before we're set to go on, I realize we have never ONCE rehearsed our skit. I have my lines written on tin foil in my jacket pocket, for my character Crog.

[redacted01] shows up just before we're supposed to go on. This is like a modern day me, with everybody else sort of a kid as i remember them. [redacted02] was there? Did we ever do Odyssey of the Mind together? Jeez.

Right, so, mad dash to our performance and I realize we basically don't have a skit. We're RUNNING to our backstage area, instead of driving? We're trying to rehearse as we run. EVERYONE ELSE IN THE PROGRAM IS RUNNING TOO. We're communicating via walkie talkie. The nerves catch up to a number of other performers and they start barfing everywhere, so we're jumping off of raised sidewalks to avoid it.

It's taking SO LONG to arrive backstage, so I wake up. So stressful. How on earth did I manage that as a kid? Strange environments, staying with family friend of a friend in Palm Springs? FORGETTING MY PROPS AT UC DAVIS?? Yikes. [redacted03]'s terrifying domineering father.

20160526 : Megachurch Jedi

Strange augmented reality theatrical release of Return of the Jedi. Had a blaster infiltrating Endor, very powerful. Then outside of the AR, simply in the theater but had a lightsaber that wouldn't stop turning on, strong magnetic resistance. Left the theater because it was weird and so did everyone else. Wandered this mall, met the creator of Stardew Valley in a clubhouse with a slide?? I parked really far away, so [redacted01] gave me a ride in his Jeep to my car. Also met up with [redacted02], he won a bunch of tickets in an arcade game, bought me something? I think the wind transported me on a sheet somewhere and I interrupted a volley ball game.

It snowed a bit outside and then there was a ghost cat hunting a tiny kitten :(

Also I was at a family beach house and I was hot and uncomfortable as hell and just wanted to cool off in the ocean, but they wouldn't let me go alone and no one would come with me. The side of the house had Commodore 64s, but they had all been sitting out in the weather :( I think an uncle tried to jump in the pool, slipped, hurt himself, jumped in anyway, landed in shallow end, hurt himself more. Not a very smart uncle.

Short version: I was at Gone Home designer Steve Gaynor's megachurch wedding. I got called in to play bugle last minute in the massive orchestra. I had to learn a ton, so instead I decided to sing the notes through the bugle. When it came time to play my solo it was actually just the intro of a song and I only had one short note blast to play. I think there was some kid making fun of me. Were they threatened that I might overtake the bugle throne?

Also: entering the lower gym of my high school but it's basement classrooms instead and we were supposed to be there on the weekend?

Also: Final Fantasy rescue from the rafters of the megachurch?