Memories of the Web


It's interesting to look back at high school, when I got my own first computer and had a connection to the internet. In my room, away from whatever social pressures existed at school, I never thought twice about interests or passions. I was so enamored with the idea of programming, I'd get lost very late at night digging into different sites. Specifically I remember some kind of hacking site where the author had a list of their favorite 'coding music', and the band Portishead was on there. I followed their suggestion and I got Dummy for the holidays. I got a CD alarm clock that same year, and used Dummy as the music that would play when I needed to wake up. In my brain there's still the strangest association between the opening track 'Mysterons', with its eerie theremin, and the feeling of waking up on crisp holiday mornings.

If I think a bit harder on this, I'll remember the exact year.