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About Me

Hi! My name is Jaron, and during the day I make business management apps for the web. By the end of it I'm pretty burnt out sitting in front of the computer, so I make mu sic with synthesizers and other machines, and then make creative toys for the web when I get code energy back. I apparently love spending time in bed, so I like to create things on the web that are pleasant to view on mobile devices, cuz I like to snuggle up and find interesting places to visit. I get emotional about shows and movies that portray computer history. I'm intrigued and amazed by indie game development. I believe in humanity.

You can also find me @OldTimeyWimey, where information moves perhaps a little too fast.

Off-world Destinations

Optical Printing - I'm constantly fascinated, specifically, by how star field effects were achieved in film and television before digital technology. The intro to Star Trek has layers of stars. Were they just black backdrops with holes and lights shining from behind? Were they optically printed layers of glowing dots on black material? How does that opening star field in Star Wars look so good? These questions aren't actually answered here, sadly, whoops sorry :(

Abandoned Military Government Pyramid - This is so evocative of strange dystopian conspiracy sci-fi, but it's a real thing that a silly group of humans decided to build.

Order of the Shadow Wolf Cyberzine - Annual zine from electronic musician Legowelt, with tips, tricks, thoughts, ASCII art. It's worth getting lost in the rest of the site - lots to be discovered.

Playscii - Super cool art and game creation tool for ASCII art, with tons of control over character rotation, background/foreground, layers. Make some scenes, bask in the CRT glow!

links.net - A site that's nearly as old as the World Wide Web. 20+ years of handcrafted, intimate web pages, with links everywhere. Really makes you think about what HyperText, the heart of the web, is; text that links to other texts, which in turn link to other texts, and on and on forever amen.

The Web is a Special Place
Most of the colors on this site come from the PICO-8 color palette * A lot of the animated images come from the Internet Archive's GifCities collection

Don't fall.